There's always something fun happening ...

Our philosophy at Greenbanks is to respect each individual and support them in their journey towards greater independence. Throughout the day, there are entertaining activities and everyday tasks which are structured to encourage personal development.

Waking up in a room of ones own

Each resident enjoys a comfortable spacious room with en-suite facilities

and we are encouraged to have our room the way we want it so it is a good place to spend quiet time alone or enjoy the tv, hi-fi or computer. We each have a key to our own room and the staff, other residents and our families recognise and respect our privacy and will always knock before entering - unless there's an emergency.



Healthy Eating

From breakfast through to supper the food is great. We have healthy tasty meals cooked on the premises with seasonal local ingredients which often come from our very own allotments. We get to choose what we eat. Our individual medical diets are always followed and our personal choices are respected.



Support throughout the day, every day

Our personal care plans are regularly reviewed and we are all working towards greater independence. We get a lot of support to pursue our individual interests and enthusiasms. Outside employment is encouraged and supported by the Fifth Trust and shops in Canterbury.



Chores and treats

We all take turns to help around the house. Sharing tasks means everyone participates and shares responsibilities so that we feel we are making

a contribution to our home and the way we live. Once a week we are invited to take our turn with routine housework and cooking for everyone at Greenbanks. Everyone gets to do something. It could be helping our cook to prepare meals, or load crockery into the dish-washer, or wash and wipe the place mats. On the remaining days we're free to attend the centres and decide what activities we want to undertake ... the list is long.



Free time in the evening

At night we can spend time relaxing at Greenbanks but often it's more fun to attend aerobics at the centre or join in at a club to play table tennis, snooker, or enjoy a conversation down at the local pub.



... and at weekends

We are able to plan our own trips to the shops in Canterbury and Folkestone with friends. There are also outings to attend, places to visit and we are

all encouraged to maintain contact with our families and our extended circle

of friends at Greenbanks and in the community.


The staff help us remember birthdays and Christmas! And we invite or friends or families to come for meals or parties.


Every year in the summer we have a family day with a picnic and barbeque.