You'll find Greenbanks at the heart

of a very supportive community


Nestled in the beautiful Elham valley below gently wooded downland, Barham is close to the historic Cathedral City of Canterbury and the Kent coast. Folkestone and Dover are a short ride by bus. The meandering lanes are leafy, it's charming buildings are listed and over the years Barham's residents could

not have been more supportive of Greenbanks.



Our Friends

The grounds at Greenbanks include one of the life skills centres operated by the Fifth Trust which provides a range of activities

for the residents including a nursery growing shrubs and plants

for the Garden Centre at the Elham Valley Vineyard and a Local

Food allotment area.

Our home life

We elect our own group to draw up our home Policies and Procedures which uses clip art for those who find the written

word difficult to understand. We have our own Resident Guide

and contract of residence and help select new members of the

staff team.



Our Home and its Directors

Greenbank's House Limited is a limited company. The shareholders

are the families or guardians of the residents. There is no top heavy management structure. If there is a surplus at the end of the year it goes back into improving our service.

We have developed Greenbank's Care Trust, a charity which works with the home supporting the needs of the home and individuals.  


The directors of the company are representatives of the families voted for at the AGM. They are unpaid. They hold regular meetings at the home to discuss the care of the residents and all aspects of the company and its future development.

A nominated Director does an inspection each month to ensure quality and standards are maintained.


The registered manager is also a member of the board and is actively involved in the planning and achieving our objectives.


We benefit from the wide range of personal and professional skills and talents that our residents, parents, families and others bring into our home, which enables us to continue to improve our service. Our priority remains the best interest of each individual within our home.


Greenbanks is a wonderful home, a joy to be part of our residents daily lives where each day brings new challenges. 

If your interested in joining our staff team, whether part or full time employment, please do contact us by phone to make an appointment 01227 831731